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We create your listing

- We help you create accounts on short-term rental websites (AirBnB, VRBO,, etc).
- We help you write the best listing for your property.
- We help you promote it with high-quality pictures.


Before anything else, we’ll come visit your place to discover its distinguishing features and unique charm, and all the little things that make it so special. Each short-term rental website (AirBnB, Abritel, etc) have specific formats and requirements, which we will be taken into consideration. We can either draft the listing and review it with you, or create it together. The result will be both optimal and personalized.

The accounts are yours, so guests’ payments will be made directly to you. [We do not collect them for you.]

We only take your place where you need us, for the day-to-day management of the accounts (message replies, calendar updates).

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We reply to guest inquiries 7 days/week

We deliver the fastest service to ensure the best experience for your guests and optimal ratings on all short-term rental websites.

PROMPT AND Accessible

Thanks to our international presence (France and USA), we work around the clock to make sure you don’t miss a single booking opportunity. A swift first response is a strong sign of reliability for AirBnB and a sure way to guarantee your place’s visibility on their website. 

Providing prospective travelers with clear and thorough answers will help them make their final decision.

We’re available at all times to quickly answer travelers’ questions, whether it be regarding their accommodation or local entertainment.


We manage your bookings

- We select guests based on your criteria.
- We consolidate calendars from the different websites so your place never stays vacant too long.


We select guests based on your criteria and your place (eg avoid elderly guests in a top floor unit without elevator, very young children, pets, etc). These criteria will guarantee your guests’ satisfaction, and yours.

Pleased guests are more likely to give higher ratings, thus increasing your place’s visibility, and the number of booking requests.

We update the calendar on a daily basis. When your calendar is up to date, you have 70% more chances of getting booking requests.

You can also notify us at any time if you need to reserve your place for personal use.


We welcome your guests

- We get your place ready: laundry, bedding, property handbook, travel guide, and welcome baskets.


We get everything ready for your guests before they arrive :

- beds are made
- fresh towels are in the bathroom
- a welcome basket is there to guarantee a stress-free arrival, so they don’t have to run to the store for basic items.
- a property handbook, created specifically for your place, is there to walk them through how to use the appliances.
- a travel guide, updated weekly, helps guests find the best outings in town and make sure they have a memorable stay.

We personally welcome your guests at the agreed-upon time and remain available should anything come up.

We work with highly-qualified partners for emergency situations related to plumbing, electricity, etc). If you already have someone you trust, we’ll be happy to call them.

We work with you to determine the need for such interventions, and their timing.


We clean, take inventory, and report on the property condition

- We’re there when your guests check out
- We schedule cleaning times, take care of the laundry, take inventory
- We maintain the property condition report.


According to AirBnB, “Apartments that receive 5-star cleanliness ratings receive 20% more bookings.” Our experience confirms it!

We take care of the cleaning so that the apartment is spotless and available at the agreed-upon check-in time.

Our cleaning partners work exclusively with private properties. Each of them will get to know your apartment and its special features, and they will look out for the details that make everyone feel at home. Exceptional cleanings are also scheduled regularly (for example, windows).

We do not use your linens. We offer linens for rent and the full oversight of laundry. Linens will always be spotless and changed as often as necessary.

You can tell us which linens you prefer using, ours or yours.

We frequently update a detailed inventory of the apartment’s amenities, and upon each check-out, we verify both the inventory and the overall property condition. Everything gets channeled back to you for approval.